Fabulous Friday!

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January 6th and it was 62 degrees! It was so beautiful. I didn't feel much like running but definitely didn't feel like missing a day in January where I could wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt! So I ran. I've taken most of the week off from running and needed to get out. Nothing really special about my run just a typical route through the neighborhood. GPS says I did 3.53 miles.

I'm hoping the weather will stay like this….but honestly I know better (and have seen the forecast).

Starting off with a race!

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Image from Potomac River Running

I started 2012 off with a race! It was a very small local race. Only 700 people….after my last race with 20,000 people it felt very small, but it was nice to do my first run of the new year with a bunch of other people. The start was surprisingly fast although crowded and then the course took a turn onto a local trail which was very crowded. At the halfway turn it was still pretty packed but in the second half people starting spreading out some more. It wasn't my best 5k time but was right around the pace that I consistently train. In the coming weeks I would like to focus more on speed.

There was a little excitement during the race when as we were going through an intersection one of the volunteers directed a van to go through the intersection at the same time. A couple of us yelled at the volunteer and luckily the van stopped. I was so close to the end and all I could think about was finishing so I kept running and hoped that I wouldn't get hit.

After the race there was sooooo much food…I had to remind myself that I had only run a 5k and certainly didn't need to eat one of each item that was there. While eating we sat near the finish line and supported our fellow runners. I always try to give support to others…at almost every race I've done I've heard strangers cheering for me at the finish line….so I like to pay it forward.

I'm looking forward to a great year of racing. I'm hoping this is just one of many….but shhh….don't tell my running buddy.

Final Run…

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…of 2011! I just completed my last run of the year. It really wasn't much – just a little 2 mile jog. Just wanted to keep my legs moving while getting prepared for my first race of 2012.

As I was running I was thinking about all the places I've run this year and wishing that I had started seriously tracking my miles a little sooner. My first race of the year was my first ever half marathon which I did in April in Knoxville, TN. After that I was hooked and ran 8 more races (one per month). As mentioned in my previous post my first race of 2012 is New Years Day. And then I'm doing another 5k in February (just signed up today).

For 2012 I'm looking to keep up with the running but also focus a little more on biking and kayaking. I have so many adventures planned and I'm hoping to run, bike, and kayak around the world in the coming year.

Windy Wednesday

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I completed my run early today since I'm off work for the week. It's insanely windy out. For about a mile of the run the wind was in our faces and I felt like we were barely moving. At least I know it was a good workout. It was nice to get outside though. I've spent most of the past couple of days in the house. I much rather be outside. We did a 3 mile loop…of course we cheated the end a little bit and walked some, but after running into the wind I think we needed the break.

This was my first time using my new Nike GPS watch. I was checking my watch the whole time to see my pace. I was also checking my “known” mile markers that I had determined previously by using Google Maps….they were pretty accurate. I think I will really enjoy using the watch and hopefully it will help me keep a better pace. Now that I'm focused on shorter distances I really want to work to improve my time.

My next race is on New Years Day and I'm hoping to get in one more run before the race.

Solstice Run

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Well it certainly wasn't my best run ever, but it's a holiday….so I ran. 3.7 miles total – That's a typical week day run especially when I'm not training for anything other than a 5k right now. It was a nice day for the beginning of winter – 57 degrees.

As I was thinking about running today I realized that I must like to run on holidays. I did races on Father's Day, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving. And my next race is New Years Day! Holidays and running apparently go together.