Indoor Adventures

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The weather was just too yucky today for outdoor adventures. So I did an indoor workout – 29 minutes on the elliptical and then weightlifting. It's about time I start lifting again…hopefully the bad weather was just the beginning and I will be able to keep it up once I get back outside again (which will likely be tomorrow)!

Winter biking….

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I ran on Monday and Wednesday…not very good runs. Short and not interesting. I've been saying that I want to start riding my bike again so I thought today would be a good day to start. I've never really done any serious winter biking. We bundled up and went out. My head was a little cold because I don't have a hat that fits under my helmet. Other than that I was ok….my toes did get numb but I didn't notice that until I was back.

We rode a little over 6 miles. It felt good…at least for me. I'm glad to know that all of the running has me in shape for other activities.

I think I'm going to pick up some better gear so that I can keep riding through the winter. Supposedly there is some single track that I could get to by riding from my house. Today wasn't the day to check that out but I'm hoping to do that soon.