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I love skiing! And today was the perfect day in Salt Lake. Cold and cloudy in the morning but the snow was amazing. A little bit of powder on top of the groomed runs and a lot of fresh powder everywhere else.

The day was absolutely wonderful. Despite getting in at 2am due to a severely delayed flight we got up at 7am and headed up to Brighton which is by far our favorite resort in Salt Lake. We didn't quite make the first lift of the day but we were definitely close and got to lay down some fresh tracks. We know this mountain quite well. I had actually made a plan for the first few runs and surprisingly stuck with it.

I felt like I really knew what I was doing today. I skied so fast in the morning and I was even asking to go to harder areas. The conditions were very good and my confidence was very high. At one point I even mentioned that my confidence today was almost dangerous. I felt more willing to try new stuff. Hopefully this lasts throughout the trip. I know that good snow leads to confidence. So hopefully the conditions will remain good. All week there has been snow in the mountains so there was plenty of fresh powder.

I even intentionally did some black runs today! This is a big step for me. Normally I do anything I can to avoid them. I started on a really small black section that lead to a blue trail. It really wasn't a big deal. And then after lunch we went to a lift with some harder runs and did a black that I had accidentally done once in the past. I did ok on the steep section of it. The powder was pretty deep and I skied slow though.

Overall I felt like I tore it up today. The snow was fresh….my legs were fresh…and I was excited to get out on the mountain. I often wish I lived somewhere with reasonable skiing. Maybe one day….until then I'm going to be sure to enjoy every day that I do get to spend out here with the greatest snow on Earth.

A different workout

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Yesterday I had a different outdoor adventure…not a typical run, walk, bike ride, paddling trip, or anything like that.

Earlier in the week we had a few trees cut down. We asked for one tree to be left to be used as firewood. They kindly cut it into sections for us which then had to be split. So while the Mister was splitting the wood I was moving it across the yard to the new wood pile.

At first I thought I was skipping my workout…..about half way through I realized I was just doing a different type of work out. Lift heavy wood ….carry as much as possible…..walk across yard….stack nicely in pile….repeat repeat repeat. We didn't get through all of it so it looks like I will be doing this workout a few more times.