Beautiful Saturday for Single Track

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We went back to my new favorite single track. It was another day beautiful winter day. We went in at the same spot as before but took a different direction at the first turn and ended up finding a lot of different trails than what we rode the last time. It was less muddy this time but equally technical. I can't even count how many times I had to pick my bike up to get across streams or dangerous sections.

It was insanely fun. There were a lot of roots across the trail which meant a lot of jumping. I threw myself pretty hard early on and later fell in a section that I just couldn't get past. I was stuck for a few seconds and the only way to get out of it was to fall and then pick my bike up. Luckily I wasn't hurt.

One section had a big tree across it. Here are a few pictures.

Yeah, I'm tough enough to ride over this tree…..

Let's be real – I totally picked my bike up and hiked around it.

Later we found a stream with an interesting bridge.

Um, how do I get myself and bike over this?

Well it turns out the answer is to hand my bike to my buddy who will kindly carry it down a hill across a stream and up a hill on the other side while I do all of that without a bike…and then he will turn around and go back to get his bike and do the same. Maybe someone will come fix this in the spring.

Crossing this stream was worth it because it lead us to a different trail that went back to the main road. It was about half a mile closer to home and put us in a much safer place on the street.

I think there are still more trails that we haven't touched. Eventually we are going to take a GPS so we can map the trails. So far we haven't been able to find any maps online and we are pretty sure we have been doing some of the riding outside of the park land.

Anyway, I think this area is awesome and I get so excited to ride there. I'm curious if it will get much use during the warmer months…..from anyone besides me.

Tuesday Ride

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In an attempt to be a well rounded athlete (or avoid running) I went for a bike ride today. It was about 50 degrees and cloudy but it was definitely nice to get out. We rode on one of the nearby trails and then I decided to turn into a neighborhood just to check it out and turn around…..well I ended up riding far enough in to recognize a road name so we decided to keep riding until we hit the cross street that we knew. It was a nice ride.

We eventually hit the cross which allowed us to do a nice big loop and get back home. We rode for a total of 10 miles which is a nice afternoon ride.