Where am I going?

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Since finishing The North Face 50k I’ve felt lost.  I had a super high feeling after the race and was really happy with what I accomplished.  And then the dreaded post race letdown happen.  I hadn’t signed up for any other races because I didn’t know what to expect after the race.  I wasn’t sure if I would feel good or need significant time off.

I took the week off and didn’t run again until the next Saturday – April 16th.  That was a run/walk with Kim.  After that I ran on Tuesday and Thursday that week.  I don’t feel like I need to maintain 5 days a week right now.  In fact, I know I need a break.

Then I decided to sign up for another race.  I wanted to ride my training a little bit and get in another long trail race.  Not that long….it’s a 10 miler and it’s this coming Sunday.  I feel confident that I still have the endurance for 10 miles.  Since it’s a trail race there is no time pressure.  I’ll just run when I can, walk when I need to, and crawl if necessary until I find the finish line. I’m excited to race again but it doesn’t carry the same weight that North Face did.  I’m just using the training I already did and not taking it too seriously.

Last weekend I got in some good training runs.  I ran almost 5 miles with Kim on Saturday morning and then was asked by some other friends if I wanted to trail run on Sunday.  I said “hell yeah!”  We ended up doing 9 miles on Sunday morning.  The trail we did is around a lake and not very technical but it was perfect.  I was so glad they asked me to run.

So where am I really going?  I have no idea!  And it’s annoying.  I think I’m going to race again on Mother’s Day but I haven’t even signed up.  It’s a 4 miler…..on roads.  I know I can cover the distance but I have no idea if I could really attempt to PR.

There are some short, holiday races that I’m sure I will do this year.  And I know I will do the Team River Runner Biathlon.

I’m torn between trails and roads.  I know I don’t want to train for anything longer than a half marathon over the summer.  I want to have time for all of the other things I like to do in the summer and training for the ultra consumed my entire winter.

Do my feet want this?
Do my feet want this?


Or this?
Or this?

I feel like I’ve never run a really good 10k and might focus on that distance while training to maintain my endurance to do 10 milers or half marathons.

I think I’m afraid that if I run anything less than a 50k someone is going to say “oh, that’s just a <insert race distance>.” That makes me sad.  Every race distance deserves respect.

Wherever I’m going, I’m just going to keep moving forward until I get there.


2 thoughts on “Where am I going?

    Debbie @ Deb Runs said:
    May 2, 2016 at 10:50 am

    Let me know if you decide to run the Firecracker 5K again this year. I haven’t signed up, but plan to run it.

      Susan responded:
      May 2, 2016 at 11:27 am

      I’m 99% certain I will run it. I’ll let you know when I sign up!

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