Week 9 TNFECSDC Training Recap

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Week 9 had 4, 8, and 8 mile runs scheduled during the weekdays.  The 4 miles went well.  I was still coming off the short weekend and feeling pretty good.  I kept up a pretty good pace.  The Tuesday 8 mile run started out great and then turned into a mess of walking, stomach issues, and calling home to say I was barely running.  My buddy came out and met me for the last mile which we ended up walking because that was the only way I could control my stomach.  My fueling does not work well in the afternoon and that day was a fight.

The Thursday 8 mile run turned into another fight.  I decided to run laps that were about 3.5 miles.  I was totally convinced I was going to quit after the first lap but I saw my buddy standing at the end of the driveway.  In my completely messed up head I thought he was looking for me so that he could run with me.  Turns out he was waiting for a satellite so that he could run.  Either way, I couldn’t quit so I turned out to do a second lap.  He ran half a mile with me and never got the satellite but decided to speed up and finish his 3 mile run.  I finished my lap and stopped at 7.  I’m glad he came out and tricked me or I would have quit.

Saturday was my epic 22 mile solo run.

Lots of this and it was beautiful!
Lots of this and it was beautiful!

Sunday was my Great Falls preview with my buddy.

Someone doesn't like selfies.
Someone doesn’t like selfies.
That's a little better but our big heads blocked the falls.
That’s a little better but our big heads blocked the falls.