Week 1 TNFECSDC Training Recap

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The challenge has been accepted and Week 1 of training is officially complete.

This week started with three short runs of 2 miles each.  Even though my typical short run is 3 miles I’m following the plan and starting with the lower weekday mileage.  I have so many 3 mile loops from my house but I had to get creative to run the shorter distance.  Those runs all went well.  I did them on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

This weekend was back to back long runs with 8 miles on Saturday and 6 miles today (Sunday).  I didn’t put enough effort into lining up someone to run with yesterday so I ran by myself.  I’m getting used to trail running by myself and so far it’s been ok.  I went to a park that I have been going to lately.  It connects to a much larger trail system but I elected to stay in the park and try to find the lake there.  I’m so glad I did because the lake was beautiful.  It was foggy morning and it made for some lovely views of the lake.

Success!  I found the lake!
Success! I found the lake!

The lake was small – about a mile of trails around it but it was really beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful morning!
Absolutely beautiful morning!

The trail to get to the lake was super technical especially with the wet, muddy conditions.  I’ve decided that mud must stand for muscle.  The more mud I run through the stronger I feel.

After running around the lake I headed out a little farther on the trails.  When road running I tend to push the distance on the way out so that I don’t have to run all the way back to my house but in the case of trail running I’ve decided not to overshoot because in case I take a wrong turn on the way back.  I can always add distance by going out again.  This approach worked well yesterday and I ran a few out and backs on trails back near the beginning of my run to get the right distance.

Mud blends in with tie-dye, right?
Mud blends in with tie-dye, right?

Yesterday I fueled with a combination of GU and Fig Newtons.  I recently started trying the Fig Newtons and so far they are working well.  I alternated the GU with the Fig Newtons.  I can comfortably carry 4 Fig Newtons in my pocket which is 2 fuel servings.  I need to figure out the best way to carry more.

Today my buddy came with me and we tried out a new park.  I needed to run 6 miles.  The new park had really nice trails.  They were well maintained and not very technical which was nice after yesterday.  Unfortunately the park is quite small and we had to run a couple of extra loops to get the right distance.  We found a small stream crossing that led to a little pond.  I decided to take the hard route across the stream.

Super easy route!
Super easy route!


The route I decided to take.
The route I decided to take.

Since we knew the park wasn’t very big we decided to explore the trails by turning right at every intersection.  There were a few tails off the main loops that led us to dead ends but it helped us get to the right the distance and explore the entire area.  My buddy runs way faster than I do and is terrible at pacing.  We started off fast but then I slowed things down.  At times he would speed up and I would have to pull him back.  But overall it was good.  It’s fun when he goes and it was nice to have someone with me to explore new trails.

I only managed to do one day of strength training this week.  I really want to get in at least two so I need to work on that.

Here’s to moving on to Week 2!



2 thoughts on “Week 1 TNFECSDC Training Recap

    Meagan said:
    January 18, 2016 at 9:16 am

    Week one done! It’s fun getting to explore new places, and having someone join you on your runs. I had back to back long runs this weekend, too, and ended up switching my Sat/Sun mileage to accommodate a run date with my friend on Saturday. She’s not into trail running, but I’ll continue to attempt to convert her ;)

    I have a goal of getting in two strength training sessions per week, too. Let’s get it done this week!

      Susan responded:
      January 18, 2016 at 9:20 am

      Alright – I know you are watching now so I will make sure to get those strength sessions done!

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