=PR= Turkey Trot Recap

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I think this race was about redemption.  I wasn’t overly happy with my last race.  But it wasn’t about time.  I wanted to have fun and run happy because I did not focus on that enough at my last race.

Prior to race day I reached out to my friends to see if anyone wanted to run some warm up miles….for various reasons no one was interested so I happily warmed up alone.  Apparently my friends saw me running around the block near the race site but no one beeped, which is probably good because most of the time I ignore beeps….they tend to come from creeps.  I ran 2 slow warm up miles and then headed to the track where I ended up finding almost all of my friends.

I had a mild panic attack about 10 minutes before the race when I couldn’t find my buddy.  He was there as I was walking around the track with a friend and then he was gone.  I needed him to hold my extra clothes.  I ended up borrowing a phone to call him.  He swears he was coming but I was worried so I asked him to hurry over and grab my stuff.

The race was pretty packed on the track but I started with a reasonably fast pace and most people were actually running.  I wasted some time and energy running to one side for my buddy and then back to the other side to high five a friend.

The entire race I focused on one foot in front of the other and smiling!  I just wanted to have fun and I absolutely did.  I ended up slowing down each mile but I really didn’t care.  It was two weeks after my half and I was just getting back into running and I was happy.  A friend from DTP passed me along the course.  She was running with another friend and I didn’t even try to keep up.  They would have burned me up.

There was one big hill on the way back and decided to just walk it.  I thought I would save some energy that way.  After that I just worked my way to the finish line.  I had a big smile for my friend as came back onto to the track, a wave to the crowd when they announced my name, and smiles as I ran around the track.


I made my way to the finish line and raised my arms.


I did this before I stopped my watch.  I wanted the happy, arms up picture instead of the head down stopping the watch picture.

After I was finished I stayed to cheer for some friends.  I got a little bit of food when everyone was finished and then headed home.  I had such a bigger runner’s high on the way home that I decided to run 2 more miles there.

It felt great to just have fun at a race and not worry about running my best time ever.  I did set a new course record by about 90 seconds.  I’ve only run this course twice though and the first time was during the summer in 99.9% humidity.