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dead shoes!  The last couple of weeks my legs have been hurting in weird ways.  The sides of my feet were the first.  It’s not uncommon for me to get calluses there but they were getting worse.  I asked one of my coaches about my shoes and she said it was probably time to get new shoes.  For whatever reason I didn’t take the new ones out of the box right away and instead ran in the old ones for about two more weeks.  Bad idea!  Never do this!  If shoes are done, they are done!  If you think they are done, they are probably done!

I’ve started to develop weird pain in my right calf and the top of my left foot is hurting.  I’m not positive that this all relates to the shoes but I’m thinking the shoes are dead and aren’t helping at this point….they did have about 370 miles on them.

Last Thursday I tried to run wearing a different pair of shoes.  They have low mileage but just haven’t been my favorite lately so I haven’t been rotating them in.  My legs felt horrible….like I could not even run horrible.  I took a short cut home and decided I had to get out my new shoes before Saturday’s long run.  I typically don’t like to use a pair of shoes for the first time on a long run but they were the same model I had been wearing.

I took a walk Friday in the new shoes and they felt good.  I was still in a lot of pain on Saturday morning but decided to just go with the new shoes.  The pain in my calf was concentrated to one spot until I started running.  Then the pain shifted around.  This is a good sign.  Moving pain is soreness, tightness, probably not a major injury.

I was really scared to stop running.  I didn’t want to walk at all because I had so much trouble starting again on Thursday.  I thought if I could just keep running I would be better off.  My running buddies weren’t there so I ran by myself but decided to play it safe and only go out a short distance in case things went way downhill.  I ran out 2.5 miles and turned around so that I was at 5 miles when I passed the coaches.  I let them know that I was going to keep going.  I ran out another 1.5 miles and turned back for a total of 8 miles.  No walking, no stopping at intersections (I got really lucky with a lack of cars)!  My legs were tight when I stopped and my foot was hurting.  The outside of my left foot was horrible.  It was starting to go numb but mostly just killing me.  I ran through it because I was so concerned that if I stopped I would just be walking back.

I had a foot problem last summer (I think it was the other foot but I’m not positive).  At one point I was convinced that my foot was broken and I took a week off.  I started running again (through the pain) and one day stubbed my toes super hard on a raised section of sidewalk.  I felt what I can only describe as white, hot pain.  The world went blank for a second and then I had total relief.  My foot was magically better.  I must have knocked my bones around to the right place.  I don’t know how to recreate this and I wouldn’t even consider trying but I’m hoping this foot issue clears up soon ….or else I will break down and see a doctor.

I should have given up on the shoes two weeks ago.  I can’t be certain that this all would have been prevented but I know those shoes weren’t helping anything.


Photo from  These shoes are made anymore so I'm glad I had a pair sitting, waiting in the box still.
Photo from These shoes aren’t made anymore so I’m glad I had a pair sitting, waiting in the box still.