=PR= The Parks 10k Race Recap

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I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to write this.  Sunday morning was tough.  Much tougher than I had wanted it to be.  This race was initially what I was calling a goal race….it turned into a race to just finish and move on with life.

I’ve been dealing with some crazy stuff and training hasn’t been going as well as I hoped.  I had a nice 10k PR in September….and well today…that’s still my PR.  I had a great race at the biathlon in the beginning of October.  It was after that that things changed.  Anyway, I ended up getting sick a week before this race.  A cold that completely wiped me out and caused me to miss a day of work and my weekly runs.  Ok, so maybe I would have run twice.  Missing two runs isn’t the end of the world.

The end of DST allowed an “extra” hour of sleep which made up for the fact that I stayed up late watching football games.  Because of the weather forecast I really struggled one what to wear.  I picked out clothes the night before and then grabbed half of my other running clothes as options.  I went with bright colors for my skirt and socks because I thought it would make me feel sunny.

We headed to the race site early which was good because we did a little bit more driving than expected to find parking but the parking lots were pretty much completely open when we got there.  We hung out in the car for quite some time and then braved the cold and WIND.  The wind was absolutely insane.  The temperature really wasn’t bad but the wind made it feel freezing.  I was wearing capri tights under my skirt and long socks.  On top I went with a short sleeve shirt and arm warmers.  I ended up putting on a thin (crappy hot chocolate) jacket, a hat, and gloves.  I was back and forth on whether or not I should wear it.  I ended up keeping it on because I knew I would be cold waiting for the start.

I did some warmups in the street and we hung out until the start. My buddy walked me to the start line and then ran off to find a spot to stand and watch me.  I still felt sick from the cold and knew I was dehydrated but I figured I would do it anyway.  The course is flat (with one small hill) and out and back.


The start was pretty fast.  I probably should’t have started so close to the front.  I checked my watch and knew I need to slow down but still ran the first mile pretty fast.  I got hot….way too hot.  I quickly removed the gloves….and then the hat….and not long after that I took off the jacket.  I knew it was too much for the temperature and I really shouldn’t have worn it all in the first place.  The jacket is super light so I tied it around my waist and just tried to keep moving.  After a couple of miles I had really slowed down and decided to walk to catch my breath.  And then the run/walking thing started and it just never stopped.  My pace got slower and slower.

But seriously, let’s focus on the good….I went out and “ran” a race.  It might have been a really bad day but I did not get hurt.  I don’t think I got any sicker.  I crossed the finish line.  I got an awesome running jacket.

Throughout the race I was running near a guy in a red shirt.  We kept switching who was in front based on whether we were running or walking at the time.  He was motivated to stay with me and I was motivated to stay with him.  He crossed the finish line ahead of me.  And when I crossed I pretty much fell to the ground …and then sat on the curb really upset about how poorly I had done.  He came back and found me and shook my hand and told me he was trying to stay with me and he had done well.  So my bad day was someone else’s good day and I kept him moving.  So maybe it was my day to help someone else and not my day to PR.  That’s ok.  There will be plenty of more opportunities to PR.

I’ve got two more races left this year.  The annual Turkey Trot and the Run with Santa.  Both are 5ks.  I’m not training enough to PR either one.  I’m just hoping to run in the range of what I consider to be good….for me.

I would definitely consider trying this race again next year.  Maybe I won’t be sick and dehydrated.  The course was great.  The wind was annoying but I can hope for better weather and faster running.