Rainy Run

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When I woke up I heard rain on the roof.  And it wasn’t really quiet rain.  It was pretty much pouring.  Most people would roll over and go back to sleep in this situation.  But I grabbed my phone and checked the weather.  The storm was moving away but wouldn’t be gone in time for my run.  I slowly got ready and went out anyway.

I added a light jacket to my normal outfit.  It was my crappy Hot Chocolate jacket.  The jacket is almost as bad as the race was.  It helps in the beginning though to keep my shirt dry.  I wore my hat to keep my face (mostly) dry.

I decided to head towards a major road with a trail.  Today’s run was about  mental training as much as it was about physical training.  It rains during races…..can you believe it?  It actually does happen so I know I need to train in the rain sometimes.  I also focused on running an out and back mostly on one road because that is how much next race is.

I kept a decent pace most of the way out.  Towards the end of the out I was breathing a little too heavy and took a short walk break to get my breathing under control.  After the turn around I just tried to keep a steady pace and was mostly able to do that.

As far as seeing other runners it was a quiet morning.  I’m guessing that most stayed in bed due to the rain but many are probably resting and preparing for the ATM tomorrow.  I did get passed by one guy.  He said hi and I commented that it was a beautiful day.  He turned around before I did so I wished him a good run and day.  It was nice to see that I wasn’t the only crazy person.  After that I did see one other guy on the other side of the road…so I wasn’t totally alone.

I made my way through the puddles and back towards my house.  I just kept chugging until I got back.  I was soaking wet but happy that I fought through the tough conditions.  My pace was slow but I know I need to do some long slow runs to meet my goals.