New Years Day 5k Race Report

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Yeah, I'm pretty far behind in posting this race report. I started the year off with my tradition New Year's Day race. It's a relatively small race capped at 700 people due to course limitations.

Smilin' at the start

It was quite cold at the start but I knew I would heat up quickly. I started towards the front of the pack. This race is tricky because the first half is pretty much downhill….which makes the second half….yup….you guessed it….ALL uphill. It's easy to start to fast….and as is my habit I did just that. Way too fast in the beginning. I was feeling great….It was like I was a new person who suddenly had speedy legs. And then of course I didn't. I quickly tried to force myself to slow down…but it wasn't enough. I burned out in the first half and then struggled with the uphill in the second half.

Headed through the turns

The tight turns and the narrow course make it tricky too. If you start off with the wrong group you tend to get pulled in with them…and then it's hard to get out of that.

I heated up extremely quickly….it always starts with pulling my sleeves up….and then taking my thumbs out of my gloves and next thing I know my gloves are in my pockets….and then I find myself flipping my hat up off of my ears on the way back.

On the way back

And I crossed the finish line totally naked!

Oh wait….it stopped with the hat flipping. After dying for a second or three I made my way to my buddy. There is something he does not seem to understand. Running makes me hot….no like warm….really warm. He stands there offering me my sweatshirt that I had thrown at him before the start. I don't need no stinking sweatshirt….I'm hot. I ran. I killed it….I am not cold. Anyway, I'm always grateful that he is there supporting me.