Nearly Naked Mile Race Report

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This race was another in the =PR= Race Series. I've stated before how much I love their races. They are so very well organized.

As I mentioned last week I was super nervous about this race. That didn't change on race day. We went over a bit early to find the location and watch the two heats before mine. Those elite men and women were super fast which actually made me more nervous. After their heats I made my way over toward the start line and gave up my warm clothes. I warmed up for a bit on the street and then waited for the race to start.

As I looked around at the people in my heat I became worried about coming in last place….but I realized that's what I had trained for…last place in this heat was actually my goal. The range of two minutes is huge for a mile.

Finally the race started and I forgot about being nervous and I just ran…….way too fast in the beginning. The people in my heat were really much much faster than me. But I wanted to challenge myself so that's why I picked that heat. I rather be last in a faster heat then first in a slower heat.

The race was two loops with the second loop being longer than the first loop. We got to the first turn very quickly and then ran a short distance to the next turn. Then there was a steep hill….I was hoping the course would be flat….not so much. I ran up the hill and around a couple more turns back past the start/finish line. It was cool because the crowd was mainly at the start/finish line…so everyone was cheering as I came through. At this point I was already falling pretty far behind most of the people in the heat. It was ok though because I expected this to happen. I ran down the street for the longer loop and made a couple of turns back towards the hill again. At that point I was actually concerned that I was truly last and asked some volunteers….they informed me that there were still other people behind me but that I should keep running hard. I was running all out….as I made my way up the hill I tried to dig deeper and run a little faster. As I round the final turn I could hear people cheering and just ran as hard as I could. I think I sped up at the end but only by a very small amount.

And then I dropped to the ground….and just sat there…until I felt like I was going to get kicked out of the road. I took my chip off my shoe and turned it in and then I looked for my buddy. After finding him we headed to the beer/food garden.

The race included one slice of pizza and one beer… I took advantage of that while watching the next heat. :-)