Running and paddling …busy weekend

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On Saturday I went out for my typical long run. I woke up really early….too early to even think of going running. I kept myself in bed for a while but still hit the streets pretty early. I ran a route similar to last weekend but took a turn up a different street to get home. It was nice route that was relatively flat in the beginning and then some rolling hills followed by a steady uphill and a largely downhill section to get home. It was a total of 5.75 miles.

I was planning to do a 5k in June but the race I was eyeing moved to July….now I'm not sure what I'm doing in June. I might end up doing two races in July. I need to figure out how everything fits with my training plan for August.

The weather has been crazy. Last weekend it was in the 60s when I ran. Then 80s during the week and on Saturday morning it was in the 40s. I almost felt like I had to break out my winter gear again!

I've been running with my SPIbelt and carrying my phone. It's been working out quite well. I really don't even notice the phone there and the belt doesn't move around at all.

I still haven't figured out how to carry water. I really need to make that my goal for June.

On Sunday we went paddling. Here's how you know you are getting close to the river…

We went to Algonkian Park to paddle on the Potomac. There is a reasonable current there so it is definitely a place that you want to paddle upstream first and take the free ride back.

I think it was idiot boating day because we saw a lot of idiots trying to get into the water. That happens in the beginning of the summer and it's always pretty entertaining.

The wind was strong at the beginning of our paddle. It felt like we were barely moving it but it was definitely a good workout. After paddling around an island we beached ourselves for a bit and took a break.

It was a beautiful view.

There were lots of shells where we were.

After the break we headed further upstream until we got pretty tired and the wind picked up. We decided to head back and got a pretty nice free ride back.

The views were beautiful and once we got out on the river we got away from the idiots.