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Every day when I pull into the garage the boats look at me and beg me to take them down and find a puddle for them. Today was beautiful and those boats were just screaming to go out and play….so we gave in! We threw them on the top of the car and headed for the nearest puddle.

Unfortunately when we got there we discovered that the road was still completely torn up and there was a sign saying “No Reservoir Access.” We assumed the sign didn't apply to us. We couldn't drive the car close to the reservoir but we could carry the boats. It was a long carry but it was worth it.

We got down to the water to find out the dock had been moved and was in pretty bad shape. We tested it out first before carrying the boats on to it. Because the water is still cold I decided to wear my sprayskirt even though the water is flat. I put it on and got into my boat and then had my buddy help me with a seal launch. (Basically you get in the boat and then throw yourself and the boat off the dock.) It worked quite well and I didn't take on too much water.

It was extremely windy so we paddled into the wind. The wind was actually making waves so I was really glad I had my sprayskirt. The water was cold and my boat would have been filled without it. It was a rough ride on the way out but it was awesome. I love playing in choppy water. We headed to a cove to check out the conditions there. We found it was totally blocked from the wind so the water was truly flat there. After paddling around the cove we headed out further into the wind.

We ended up paddling pretty much to the end of the reservoir. We knew it was pretty much a free ride back because of the wind.

On the way back it felt like I was surfing on the waves. I was getting thrown around quite a bit. I paddled more for steering than anything else.

So today marks the first day of my biathlon training. I felt pretty good. Despite the wind I felt like I moved pretty well. The weight-lifting, push-ups, and attempts at chin-ups must have kept me strong throughout the winter. :-)