Outside All Day

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I started the day with a short little 7.17 mile run. The morning was cool but sunny. I didn't feel like running up the normal hill so I started with some running through my neighborhood and then I hit a shorter, steeper hill. After that I made my way on a pretty typical route. I was running slower than usual. My back has been hurting and I didn't want to push it.

It was a quiet morning and I did not see many other runners. I tried a new outfit which was completely mismatched. My tights are actually capri length but you can't tell due to the tall socks. The socks are thinner than my normal ones which actually felt good so I might be in the market for some new socks. I really liked the tights. I'm not sure how much they will ride uo when I am not wearing long socks but they were really comfortable. I also ran with a hat and gloves. I had my thumbs out of the gloves and my sleeves pulled up to my elbows. It doesn't long for me to get warm.

Overall even though my pace was slow I am happy with the run. My goal lately has been to run a decent amount of miles.

When I got home I saw my buddy's hat and gloves….he ran outside despite the chilly temperature. Too bad we didn't cross paths!

After a little bit of recovery time we headed out to do some yard work. I spent a couple of hours jumping up and down on an edger. After making a lot of progress but becoming totally bored we decided to do something fun.

There is a trail that I have been wanting to try. We have been on a more southern section of it but we wanted to try a spot closer to our house. We threw the bikes on the Jeep and drove to a park that is a few miles from our house. From there it was a very short ride to the trail. The first section of the trail was single track which I was not expecting. I described it as “50,000 times better than I was expecting!” I was so excited. It was very technical. It was narrow and filled with roots and rocks which made for a very bouncy ride. It was also muddy. Further out the trail got wider and had gravel. There were even some short paved sections.

The conditions varied throughout the trail and there were quite a few stream crossings. Some were ride-able while others required a carry. There were also many large trees across the trail requiring the bikes to be carried. I bet I jumped off my bike at least 20 times!

We rode out about 5 miles and then ended up at a road. Because we were already tired from running and yard work we decided to head back make it an almost 10 mile ride. The way back seemed like it was all uphill and we were both pretty tired.

I'm really glad we tried this trail out. We will definitely be headed back there to explore more. It's a good mix of challenging and easy, improved and unimproved, and it made for an amazing ride. I'm looking forward to going even further the next time we go there.