Saturday’s Long Run

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I woke up way too early on Saturday. I was worried about getting my long run in before meeting family for the day. I convinced myself to go back to sleep (off and on) until I could actually see sunlight. There was no reason to run in the dark….we weren't meeting that early!

Once I got moving my watch decided to delay me. For some reason I couldn't connect to a satellite. Eventually I gave up and just started running. I had a route planned in my head and I knew it would get me far enough. Sometimes running without my watch tracking me is actually freeing. I wasn't studying my pace the entire time. I was just running.

I decided to do an out and back that I hadn't done in a long time. I've been doing so many long runs lately that I find I really need to mix up the routes so that I don't get bored and so that I can run different hills!

It was a chilly morning but much warmer than the winter runs I did in preparation for the RTM. Since I run early I suspect I will still be doing quite a few cold runs on days that turn out to be nice. You know…cold in the morning but big warm up during the day. That's ok….I'm pretty used to running in the cold at this point.

The weather must be better or it must be training season because I saw a bunch of other runners out. I ended up running a couple of miles behind a woman who was running a similar pace. I ran out 3.3 miles and then turned around and followed the same path back home.

I have 3 more long training runs prior to my next race. I'm going to continue to use them to work on endurance. It feels pretty nice to know that the distance is going to be no problem for me. I'm covering more than the race distance with each of my long runs. I want to keep this good base going and not drop my mileage too much so that I can train for the 20k that I'm hoping to do in the summer.

Now that the weather is getting nicer I'm ready to spend a lot more time outside and get in some serious cross training. I'm hoping to work in at least one bike ride per week and hopefully some paddling. I am definitely ready to be outside as much as possible.