Running is a mental sport.

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Your body can do it but you have to convince your mind. This is true. I know I can run. I can run far if I decide to do it. Sometimes I feel like it and it seems easy and some days are a struggle.

Today was a struggle. A huge struggle. After the first half mile I was gasping for air. Freezing cold air. Not sure why but I was. And the sucking wind never stopped. Due to the way I was feeling I decided to not run out far and to do loops around my house. Normally I hate just sticking close but I felt like it was safer…in case I decided to give up. Like I was going to give up….yeah, right! Giving up is not something I am familiar with. I am too persistent … the point of being annoying. Sometimes I annoy myself when I don't give up.

Not today. I didn't annoy myself. I was glad that I never quit because it was super hard for no particular reason. But, wait…maybe there was a reason. I had raced hard on Tuesday and had run intervals on Thursday which meant less rest and more hard work than normal. Maybe that was the problem. I went to bed hungry last night. That was stupid – I should have eaten when I felt hungry. All I can “eat” in the morning is a Gu. Clearly not enough food for a long run. One Gu is 100 calories. My watch said I had burned 700 calories. I was bonking….hard! So are these reasons that it was hard. Maybe ….I guess….but really the problem was that mind couldn't overcome them. I was weak. I should have focused on being strong.

My expectations are high and I want every run to be a good one. But realistically that doesn't always happen. So I wasn't very fast but I ran and I completed the 6 miles that my training plan required. So there….mission accomplished…not the way I had hoped. But it's done and crossed off the list. Good enough for me.