Thursday Training – Intervals

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Speed day. Let me get a few things out first. To the guy wearing the VTCC sweats – #1 how the he!! can you run in sweats? I mean really I would die from heat stroke….unless of course I had a pepsi (DB, do you ever read this?). #2 Go Hokies! I would have said that but I was in the middle of a sprint. I mean you saw me…so you must understand. I'm sure your first thought was what the he!! is she wearing (similar to my thought about you) and you second thought was I hope she doesn't kill herself without that crazy looking sprint. To the guy in the BMW – yeah, I didn't trust you. You might have seen me …you might not. For some reason I picked safety and ran behind you. To the guy in the Mustang – drive it like it's a race car cause that makes you super cool…or something. To the jerk at the hospital….I'm pretty sure you saw me but still decided not to stop at the stop sign. You were leaving the hospital what was the darn hurry? Jerk.

Ok, glad I got those things out. I did two miles of intervals and one mile of getting back home. I was pretty beat at two miles so I just ran the rest without doing any special intervals to get home.

It was cold…evidence for that…there was ice on the cesspool….i mean pond by the hospital. I didn't think it was cold until I saw the ice….that's because I was running so fast (like lightning!) that I was hot. I saw the ice and thought shoot that means it's cold. People tell me it's too cold to run but I don't believe them. It's never too cold to run. If you feel cold you aren't moving fast enough. I'm still trying to work on the it's never too hot to run thing. That's a problem for me. I don't do hot very well. Maybe this summer I will figure it out. It might involve drinking something while running. I seriously got to figure that out.

And one more thought for the day….does anyone else find that the next run after race is about a million times harder than the race? No matter what the distance is for either one……..