What a week

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Got some sad news on Sunday morning. A family member had passed away. While it was expected …it's never really expected. We decided to keep our paddling plans anyway. Last opportunity for a training paddle before the biathlon. When we got close to the spot we saw this….

Hmmm….crap. We weren't expecting this. But we decided not to let a closed road stop us. We noticed a bunch of cars in a close by church parking lot with yak racks. So we decided we would do the extra long carry to the put in spot so that we could paddle anyway. It was a nice day and nice to get out on the water for a while to clear my head.

On Monday I convinced my buddy to run with me so we did 3 miles together. He hates running with me and didn't want to run but I convinced him that I would just run easy. Of course with my recent improvements easy doesn't mean as easy as it used to be. Anyway it was a good little jog and I was glad he went with me.

Tuesday brought a crazy storm….literally. It was not safe to go out on our bikes….which is really too bad because we just got new helmets and it would have been nice to try to them out.

Wednesday brought intervals. I managed to actually complete almost 3 miles. I ran harder intervals during the first two miles and I tried for a steady pace during the last mile but I kept feeling myself speed up so I walked a couple of times just to try to gain control of my pace.

When I recorded my run with Nike+ it showed me this….

This makes me feel pretty darn good. I know there are a lot of people logging a lot more miles than I am but obviously I'm ahead of someone. And I feel like I'm really starting to see improvement in my times and I just feel better overall …while I'm running and while I'm not. I'm hoping to keep this momentum going so that I can see some improvement in my race times. I know that I have to push myself a little harder when running shorter distances because I tend to fall into the same jog that I do for my long distance runs.

I'm planning to do my long run a day early this week due to the biathlon being Sunday and the need for extra recovery time. Plus I gotta go to the funeral on Saturday morning when I would normally run. At least I had the run shifted in my head for a long time so I'm ready to do it tomorrow.