Easy 9 Miles

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On the bike. Buddy wanted an easy ride today so I gave him one. I don't think it was easy enough because he didn't quite keep up but I just couldn't ride that slow.

We started on a road that we recently discovered while running but took it until we found the end. Then we ended up on some trails through a nearby neighborhood. It turned out to be pretty nice.

I like my biking days because I feel like I'm getting a work out but it's not nearly as hard as running is.

The weather has been absolutely perfect this week and I'm loving every minute that I'm outside. Cooler temperatures and very low humidity are wonderful!

I did my race down the hill at the end but didn't push nearly as hard today and only got up to 24mph. I hit 20mph going over the first speed bump! I love doing that. Especially after a relatively easy ride when I have a lot of energy left.

I think I'm starting to notice the endurance I'm gaining from the long runs. Yesterday's short run didn't feel nearly as hard and today's bike ride just felt plain easy. But that means I can push myself a little bit harder…