Sunday Afternoon Yak

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After much activity yesterday I was extremely tired but couldn't pass up an opportunity to get out on the water. We took the boats to the reservoir which is pretty close. I started off with a decent paddle and then decided it was time for some floating action so we just relaxed on the water for a while.

Here was our view….

It really was a perfect afternoon ….not too hot.

To ensure I actually got a workout I did some Olympic Flat Water racing. There are now buoys in the water there (a crew team has pretty much taken over the location). I paddled to one and then raced to the next. After a short break I raced back. I have no idea how far apart they were but I'm confident that I got a workout, splashed myself, and ended up soaking wet. And it feel great! I need to work on my skills because I believe a kayak race is in my future…if only I would sign up.