Terrific Tuesday for Biking

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Decided to go for a nice little bike ride today. My buddy picked the road that leads towards the single track. When we got close I suggested that we head down there. We couldn't even ride down the hill to get in. There was a large tree down across the trail so we had to carry our bikes over.

The first part of the trail was filled with thorny bushes. I definitely got a few thorns in me but I kept riding anyway hoping it would get it better. And it did! The trail is extremely narrow and the plants along the side are extremely overgrown. The trail is way more technical than it seems like it should be. It is filled with sharp turns, trees close together, stream crossings, and many tree roots. It's relatively flat though. Only a few little hills. The stream crossings were mostly dry today which meant in many areas we could avoid the shady bridges.

We took it pretty easy on the way out and just got a feel for the trail and the obstacles that we were up against. On the way back it was a different story though.

I started the way back with unintentional jump. I hit a large branch that was across the trail which sent my bike flying much higher than I expected. Luckily I was able to stay on the bike.

After that I had the best crash ever! I was riding over a root and got my peddle caught which threw me into a nasty slide and sent me off the trail directly head on into a large log (really a downed tree) which caused me to bounce backwards throwing me back onto the trail. It was slightly insane but somehow I managed to stick the landing and stay on the bike. My buddy was behind me wondering what the heck was going on. It was awesome and luckily I didn't get hurt.

Shortly after the crash I threw part of a bridge…unfortunately for my buddy it was a part it he was trying to ride. Riding over the bridge was unnecessary because the area was dry but to get back on the trail I had to cut over quickly to avoid a tree. My buddy thinks it's fun to ride these bridges that are really just pieces of wood thrown down. When I was cutting back to the trail I rode over one of the pieces of wood and threw it….unfortunately my buddy was on the piece so I sent him off the bridge.

After that I continued to bounce over tree roots. At one point I almost launched myself over a cliff….but I slammed on the brakes (what little I have left) and got a foot out of my peddle before going over the edge.

Before finishing the ride we had one more obstacle to get through. Here are some pictures.

Once we got back to the road the ride became much less exciting. We just had to dodge cars to get back safely. We did encounter a large group of bikers. One near the end of the group suggested that we join them but I looked the road bikes and figured we would struggle to keep up. And I had had enough adventure for one day……or so I thought.

When we got back to our street I decided it was time for a little race. I tend to ride down the hill as fast as possible just to see how fast I can go. I was able to get to 30 mph. My buddy wasn't able to keep up ….I started too soon for him and peddled really hard up hill before the big downhill section. I love knowing I'm violating the speed limit when I'm on my bike. I just hope I never crash while doing it. And I should probably get my brakes replaced before I do it again. My brake pads are pretty worn.

It was fun ride. I'm glad we went. I'm trying really hard to incorporate more bike riding into my busy life. I need the cross training and I have so much doing it.

And in case you are keeping track ….I updated my stats but it was a 10 mile ride. About a third of it was on the trail.