Traditional 4th of July Tri

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Yesterday started with the Let Freedom Run 5k. I hadn't run in at least 3 weeks due to being crazy busy before our trip and then our two week trip. I did work out quite a bit during the trip so I knew I would be ok. This was the very first race that I have run by myself. My buddy can't handle my snails pace and is going to stop running with me. How sad….but I can't let it stop me. He didn't run the race at all….just watched from the sidewalk.

The start was fast. I started near the front and really took off. There was a long downhill in the beginning and I let the hill carry me. After the first mile I found the uphill sections and started to slow down. It was very hot and I was feeling out of shape. But in the end I made it to the finish line and that's all I cared about.

After the race we headed home to load up the peddles and the paddles. We made our way over to Roosevelt Island where we claimed a great parking space for the day. We took the bikes out and peddled into DC. We rode around town and ended up at the Potbelly near Gallery Place for lunch. After a short break and refill of water we hit the streets again.

Afternoon naps in the car were required to make it through the extremely hot day. I think we are still suffering some jetlag too.

For dinner we took the bikes across the bridge into Rosslyn. We found Red, Hot, & Blue which seemed pretty American to us so we loaded up on BBQ. It was good and gave us a nice break in the air conditioning. We had a nice downhill ride back to the car where we loaded up the bikes and got out the kayaks.

We put the kayaks in the water and slowly paddled around the island to the ultimate kayak parking spot with the Lincoln Memorial in view and the Washington Monument just behind. We anchored the boats and waited for the big fireworks display. DC did not let us down. The fireworks were great. The big boats were fun and there were a ton of kayaks out. It was the perfect ending to the day. We paddled in the dark back to the car and luckily there was very little traffic on the way home.

3.1 Mile Run
16.6 Mile Bike Ride
30 Minute Kayak

….and did I mention that it was 100 degrees???? We might be crazy but there is nothing like being on the water for the 4th of July fireworks in DC. It's my favorite holiday (right after Friday the 13th)!!