More adventure than I was looking for..

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Yesterday we rode our bikes out to the single track that we discovered back in January. We took the short cut into the park. I almost missed the steps that led to the trail. As soon as we got in there we realized that it's quite different during the summer. The plants/weeds were growing almost over the trail. Plants were hitting my ankles, legs, and sometimes even arms while riding.

As we got down to the main trails some of the areas were a little bit better but I spent most of my time worrying about ticks and poison ivy. A couple of summers ago I had bad reaction to poison ivy. I ended up with one eye swollen shut so I know I have to be extremely careful. While the riding was fun I was definitely stressed about all the plants rubbing my legs.

We rode in for a while and then decided we should probably just head out. After getting lost a few times we made our way back out to the road. By the time we got out my legs looked shredded from riding through plants with thorns.

It was fun but I'm not sure that I'll go back too soon because it was very stressful. I headed straight to the shower when I got home. So far I haven't found any ticks or any reaction to poison so I might be safe.

Unfortunately I don't think that park will be as good as I was hoping. We might be waiting until fall to ride there again.

Here is what the trails looked like.