21 miles….

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This past Sunday we rode 21 miles. It was nice to get out on the bikes and go for a long ride. After kayaking on Saturday it was good to really use our legs on Sunday. We rode from our house to trail that got us to the W&OD and then rode about a third of our trip on the W&OD.

I miss riding. We really don't do it enough anymore but we are starting to find more trails which I think will help us ride more often.

AND …the best part of the ride happened on the way back. I finally conquered the BIG hill. This hill has been a problem for me. I have never managed to get up it before without jumping off my bike and walking/running. This time I managed to stay on my bike and ride it! The problem in the past hasn't been my strength or my will….cause if you know me you know that I'm strong willed. The problem was my gears….well nothing is actually wrong with the gears but in the past I just wasn't using the correct gears. I would get there and realize I couldn't turn the pedals over. This time I used the granny gear and I was able to do it.

I was so stinking proud of myself.

It was a great weekend of paddling and peddling.