Last Day

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Today is our last day of vacation. We head home tomorrow morning. We spent the day skiing one more time at our favorite resort. Today was a beautiful sunny day. The snow conditions were pretty good in the morning. We tried to stick to mostly groomed runs because the others were icy. Shortly before lunch we moved over to the Milly Express Lift and did a handful of runs there. The conditions were not too bad there because the sun was shining on that part of the mountain for the morning.

After lunch we went back to our favorite runs and even took one run in a harder area. The lift says “Experts Only” but it doesn't mean it. There are intermediate runs that start at the top of the lift. The conditions were not very good so we headed back to the other areas.

The snow was icy in some areas and wet in others. It made for interesting rides. It was also very tiring. We decided to cut out a little early due the bad conditions and tired legs.

Overall it was a great week of skiing and I'm already looking forward to our trip out here next year (geez, talk about thinking ahead….we haven't even left yet).

I'm hoping that all of the working out I did this week will have me motivated to run, bike, kayak, hike, etc at home. I love being outside and I'm going to be very sad when I have to be inside for full days next week at work. Maybe one day I can quit my job and be a ski bum.

Here are some “action” shots from today courtesy of Star Photo Utah.