Day on the dark side

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I spent the day with a snowboard strapped to my feet! This is a jump over to the dark side. Or maybe not…snowboarding might be conforming more than skiboarding like I normally do. It's pretty normal for me to be the only skiboarder on the mountain but snowboarding is pretty common.

Here I am holding my rental snowboard.

I did two runs with my buddy in the morning because I had time before my lesson. Those were pretty much a disaster. He was holding me up and I got very little instruction.

I took a morning lesson with a real instructor. She was great. For some reason I was expecting to ride the lift right away but we did not. The goal was the lesson to learn how to safely ride the lift and ride down the mountain (or in this case bunny slope). We started off to the side of the bunny slope doing some basics that allowed us to learn how to properly ride the lift. I was in a class with a father and a daughter. The father is an intermediate skier and the daughter decided to try snowboarding because she couldn't get the hang of skiing. They kept accusing me of not being a beginner but really I think I was just stronger and more athletic then they were. It was good to be in a class with other people but I think 3 was a good amount because we got individual attention.

After learning the very basics like how to fall, how to go straight, and how to use the heel edge we made our way over to the lift. That was pretty entertaining. The first time off the lift was a bit of a wild ride but the instructor was able to identify what I had done wrong so the next time was much smoother.

Riding down the hill wasn't too bad. I was able to quickly learn how to use my heel edge. I didn't fall too often. Most of the time I was able to slow down enough that I could sit if I need to stop. We rode the hill a few times before the lesson was over and our instructor deemed that we were all successful.

I met my buddy for lunch and then took him over to the bunny slope so that he could see what I had learned. I think he expected me to know more but was happy with my progress when I took him what the goal of the class was. We did a bunch of runs together before I admitted that my legs were very tired.

Overall it was a very good day. I feel like I learned a lot by taking the lesson and I think I will continue with lessons in the future if I decide I want to pursue this further.

Here are some pictures of me sliding down the hill.

And for the record my bum and my knee hurt. I fell twice in a way that actually hurts. But honestly I expecting to be in a lot more pain from what I've seen from other people so I will consider this a success. While I didn't wear a helmet I did elect to wear wrist guards and I'm glad I did because no matter how many times they tell you the correct way to fall you still want to put your hands out.

Tomorrow is our last day out here so I think I will jump back to skiboarding….but I have a feeling that my snowboarding days aren't over. It would be very unlike me to try something once and then give up.