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The big storm that was forecasted for last night turned out to be a bust and there was only 1 inch of new snow last night. We went to Brighton today hoping for a powder day but really didn't get that. It was really cold and windy. The snow itself was pretty good in the morning and most of the runs were groomed. Visibility was low and I had trouble keeping my toes warm. But it was still a fun day.

We mostly did easier runs today. All of my favorite blues. We bounced around quite a bit and tried not to get into a pattern of doing the same thing over and over.

I decided to try to ride a box in the terrain park. While going up the lift we discussed it and determined which trail would get us there. There were a total of 4 boxes in the park but it would only be possible to ride 3 on a single pass through. When I got to the first box I felt like there was a ledge that I wasn't going to make so I jumped off the ramp right before the box. I rode the second box!! In the middle of the box I felt like someone had applied the brakes and I was going to get stuck. I did my best to keep moving and then I noticed there was a jump off the end that I wasn't expecting but I rode it fine. And then when I got to the last box I decided to just jump the ramp at the end. The whole thing was pretty funny.

Other than riding the boxes it was a pretty typical day of skiing. The sun was starting to be visible late in the day but our legs are were getting pretty tired so we only got in a few runs in the sun.