Park City

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Well we broke down and handed over our left legs to buy Park City lift tickets. Nah it really wasn't that bad but if you are buying them at the resort please note I take hand outs too (much much cheaper to get them elsewhere).

I guess my buddy felt like it was something we had to try. It was worth it for a day. We mostly skied the blue slopes which is what I do everywhere else. They were mostly really easy. Some had bumps which actually made them challenging. I did one double blue which is considered Advanced. It wasn't that steep but it had some nasty bumps. I thought I did quite well though. The conditions were less than ideal. The snow was getting pretty wet and heavy by the end of the day.

We did a 3.5 mile run called Homerun. The only challenge to it was dodging the beginning skiers. But I remember that I was one of those in the past so I try to be respectful. Anyway, it was a nice long run.

We rode many of lifts and tried out most the of the areas. The runs were pretty long so we didn't do nearly as many today.

There is a run called Quit 'N Time that lead you to a lift called Town Lift. The run takes you across a bridge literally into the town of Park City. Unfortunately the lift is an old school slow lift but it's still a pretty cool thing to try. And the lift actually crosses over top of another lift – I had never seen that before. You can also ride the Town Lift back down the mountain. I assume that is for lazy people that didn't reserve enough energy to ski down one more time.

Our legs were tired today and the slush was bad at the end of the day so we ended up quitting a little early. I think a break is in order for tomorrow. 3 days in a row is a lot especially when you ski/ride as hard as we do.

Here are some action shots courtesy of My Ski Photos.