Give ‘em the Bird

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Nah….not like that! We went to Snowbird today….otherwise known as The Bird. It is quite well known with serious skiers. When the Olympics were in Salt Lake some of the events took place at Snowbird.

It was another day with good ski conditions….much sunnier today. Snowbird is very tough mountain. There is not much terrain for an intermediate skier like me but I covered most of it. We started by going almost to the top and did a very very very long run. We did that a couple of times before heading across the mountain to another area. My favorite run is called Bananas. It's a nice little run with a couple of steep sections but nothing too hard.

Today, I only had trouble a couple of times. Once on an ungroomed run that wasn't very well marked. There was quite a bit of powder and it was reasonably steep. I did ok but required a little guidance. The other was on a section that I have skied before but is steep and I wasn't expecting to end up there. After snowplowing for a short section I put my skis together and skied the rest quite well.

After skiing we made our way over to the hot tubs which apparently are now trying to restrict people like us that sneak in even though we are not staying at the lodge. Luckily a guest with room key walked by and we were able to get out. We had to spend time somewhere because the road was closed to get back to the valley.

Overall it was a great day. I'm proud of myself for asking to go to this harder mountain.

Here are some pictures of me in action thanks to the Snowbird Photographers.