Windy Wednesday

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I completed my run early today since I'm off work for the week. It's insanely windy out. For about a mile of the run the wind was in our faces and I felt like we were barely moving. At least I know it was a good workout. It was nice to get outside though. I've spent most of the past couple of days in the house. I much rather be outside. We did a 3 mile loop…of course we cheated the end a little bit and walked some, but after running into the wind I think we needed the break.

This was my first time using my new Nike GPS watch. I was checking my watch the whole time to see my pace. I was also checking my “known” mile markers that I had determined previously by using Google Maps….they were pretty accurate. I think I will really enjoy using the watch and hopefully it will help me keep a better pace. Now that I'm focused on shorter distances I really want to work to improve my time.

My next race is on New Years Day and I'm hoping to get in one more run before the race.